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Trainee Surveyor

A trainee surveyor is someone who is in fact working with an experienced surveyor to learn the ropes so to speak. The job of a trainee surveyor is mostly clerical but is closely associated with what the chief surveyor requires. The jobs are especially designed so that a trainee can learn on the job what he or she has learnt when taking their degree course, in most cases trainees will be able to put to use what they have learnt and understood theoretically.

What can you expect to do as a trainee surveyor?

This is probably a question you have asked yourself numerous times. The job itself as a trainee is not difficult and it mostly consists of assisting the chief surveyor or the surveyor you are appointed to. The jobs you can expect to do are:

  • Taking measurements
  • Writing out technical specs
  • Document and photograph surveys
  • Filing and note taking

A trainee surveyor advances slowly

The career advancement of a trainee surveyor is mostly dependent on how quick they are at learning stuff. The quicker a person is at learning the practical aspect of the job the easier it is for them to slowly graduate to the job of an assistant surveyor and then a surveyor. However, this will often require that you undertake projects as if you are the surveyor and then get your data checked by the person in charge. Once you are able to build up some confidence the surveyor will then hand you more complex tasks. But anyone who is aspiring to become a surveyor needs to understand that things take time, especially the complex measurements often involved with land surveying.

Job openings for trainee surveyors

If you are fresh out of your course and are looking for a job as a trainee then there are numerous ways to go about doing so. The easiest way would probably be to search and apply for a job online; in addition you can also search for jobs in the newspaper and apply for them accordingly. However, there are some universities which also assist their students in finding jobs as trainees which can be very useful and help to save time in the long run.

Methodical approach to your job

A trainee surveyor needs to be very methodical and approach every job using a specified list of steps. This is often something which the head or chief surveyor will make note of when they have trainees working for them. You will also need to bear in mind that you are often competing against other trainees who may be aiming for a job in the company after their period as a trainee and companies may be looking for potential long term employees so making a good impression is certainly worth it. While a job of a surveyor is not very difficult it does require knowledge and the ability to dedicate hours of your personal time when you are a trainee. But once you complete your training period this career can become very financially rewarding.